Can I bring large items or instruments on the bus?

Bus Drivers can be fined by Alberta Transportation for having "loose" objects on a bus. A guideline has been developed and sent to all schools and bus contractors outlining what objects or instruments can be taken on a bus. Even when these allowed items are on the bus they must be secured in a backpack or under the seat.

Stop Passing the Bus! IT'S DEADLY & IT'S ILLEGAL

When Red Lights are Flashing drivers travelling in all lanes are required to stop and remain stopped until the lights are no longer flashing.

Flashing Amber lights indicate a bus is about to stop. Please slow down and prepare to stop.

Can I bring friends home with me on the bus?

No. Busing is only for registered students on that route.

I moved. How do I change my address and phone number?

You can send us an email (click the "Contact Us" link) or you can mail us or call us.

How do I reclaim a lost item?

First, talk to your bus driver on the next school day. If they haven't seen it, check the school's "Lost & Found."

Can I have my preschool child go on the school bus with their siblings to go to preschool?

Unfortunately not. The Commercial Vehicle Safety Regulation AR121/2009 S.19 outlines who can be on a school bus when delivering students to and from school. Preschoolers are not students that are under an assigned program funded by Alberta Education.