Northern Lives Podcast

n July 2017, we launched Northern Lives, a podcast focusing on the lives of the students, staff, alumni, and members of the Northern Lights communities. Want to learn about what makes our students awesome, or about some of the unique programs and opportunities available to them? Interested in what's been happening in the lives of former Northern Lights students? Check back every other Monday for brand new episodes. 


Episode 10 - It's Not All Fun and Games Development

What's it like to develop triple-A video games for a living? Bjorn Taylor, a Northern Lights Public Schools grad, can tell you. He's the Lead Systems Designer for Anthem, the newest game in development by gaming giant BioWare. Join us as we talk about what it takes to make video games, Bjorn's childhood in Cold Lake, and some of our all-time favourite video games.

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Episode 8 - Lest We Forget

Dave Yoshida, Cold Lake High School's resident military history genius and social studies teacher, tells us what the Second World War was like for his parents and extended family as Japanese-American citizens.


Episode 7 - Going Back to Kindergarten

Who doesn't long for a simpler life every now and then? A life where learning letters and shapes is the pinnacle of education, and where snack time is the most exciting thing that happens in a day? In this episode, we go back to Kindergarten and talk to four and five year-old students and Cold Lake Elementary about their first month of school, and their answers are, predictably, incredible.



Episode 5 - A Day in the Life

Have you ever wondered what it's like to be a teacher or a principal? We speak to a handful of educators in this episode about what makes them feel successful in their roles, what challenges them, and how they've seen education evolve over their careers.


Episode 4 - The Role of a Trustee

School Board Elections are coming up in October, and we're having a chat with our current Board Vice-chair and Public School Boards' Association of Alberta President Arlene Hrynyk about what it's like to be a school board trustee, what a trustee's role is, and the kind of qualities that people considering running as a trustee should have.

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