Communication, Engagement & Partnerships


One of the goals of Northern Lights Public Schools' Three-Year Education plan is to increase and improve communications by building and implementing a communications plan to ensure effective communication with all school communities. Part of our plan includes an increased presence on social media platforms, consistent release of newsletters, improving consistency across all schools in regards to communications practices, and supplying accurate information regarding Division updates and news.

School Messenger

School Messenger is new for the 2017-2018 school year and allows the division, schools and teachers to send messages home to parents via phone, email and text messaging using the contact information parents have already shared with the school. There's also an app parents can download that will show them all of the messages sent to them and allow them to communicate in groups with their classroom teacher. To find out how to opt-in to text messages, set your preferences for how you want to receive messages, or download the app, check out our School Messenger page or download our Parent User Guide.


Northern Lives: A Northern Lights Podcast

In July 2017, we launched Northern Lives, a podcast focusing on the lives of the students, staff, alumni, and members of the Northern Lights communities. Want to learn about what makes our students awesome, or about some of the unique programs and opportunities available to them? Interested in what's been happening in the lives of former Northern Lights students? Then look no further than Northern Lives.



The Northern Lights Public Schools Communications Department routinely distributes three main publications to update the community, parents, and staff on goings-on within the Division. More information, as well as an archive for each publication, can be found below. 

Parent Bulletin

The Parent Bulletin is released on a regular basis and features information important for parents around the division. Each bulletin usually features one or two major highlights, including educational programs or division goal updates.

Under the Northern Lights

Under the Northern Lights is a publication that gives readers news and highlights from the regular meetings of the Board of Trustees, and is published shortly after each Board meeting. 

The Division Digest

The Division Digest is a monthly publication that features news, updates, and photos from various schools around the Division. Features typically include highlights in fine arts, athletics, and any special partnerships or visitors working with schools and students. 


Stay in touch

Northern Lights Public Schools uses Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to keep in touch with parents, students, and community members. Want to stay in touch? The best way is to follow us on social media!




After extensive stakeholder consultation, Northern Lights Public Schools identified three division priorities, which are included in its 2017-2020 Three Year Education Plan.

Priority #2 - Northern Lights will improve communication, engagement and partnerships.

Key System Strategies for 2017-2020

  • The division undertook an extensive community engagement and strategic planning exercise in the development of priorities for the division to pursue. This information was key to the development of the three current priorities.
  • An enhanced Student Voice and Leadership program is being centrally developed and implemented - this includes opportunities at the school, division and provincial levels.

To see our results for 2016-2017, please read our Combined 2016-2017 Annual Education Results Report and 2017-2020 Three-Year Education Plan.