Interested in working for Northern Lights Public Schools?

We are a school division comprised of 27 schools spread out over a large geographical area of nearly 15,000 square kilometers. The major communities in this area are BonnyvilleCold Lake, and Lac La Biche, each of which are located between 200 and 300 kilometres northeast of Edmonton, Alberta. 

Northern Lights Public Schools prides itself on hiring highly qualified staff who are committed to student learning and development. We believe that providing staff with the support and professional development they need to enhance their skills and build leadership capacity has a direct impact on the quality of instruction in our classrooms and the success our students are able to achieve.

How do I apply?

Head over to the Current Openings page, where you'll find all current job openings. In order to apply for a position in Northern Lights Public Schools, you must first create a portfolio on Apply to Education. Teachers are required to complete all sections of the portfolio before applying to a job posting, unless you are a student in your final year of your Bachelor of Education. If so, we encourage you may begin your portfolio today, and add any required documents as they are made available to you. 

From outside Alberta? Apply for your Alberta Teacher Certification and view the Teacher Qualifications Service Application Form and Guidebook today.

Our 2017-2018 Profile Brochure has more information on Northern Lights and our schools.

Engaging New Teachers 

At Northern Lights, we provide new teachers with the resources and support they need to succeed, as well as opportunities for growth in their new careers. This includes New Teacher Orientation at the beginning of the school year, Professional Development and a Mentoring Program all during the first year. Support continues beyond year one with more Professional Development, as well as Coaching Visits from our Learning Consultants.

Engaging New Teachers Brochure


Professional Development

Northern Lights is committed to continuous quality improvement and growth for our staff and our schools.

Administrative Procedure 411 - Professional Development

We offer a variety of professional development opportunities to our certified and support staff throughout the year including the following:

  • Attendance at International, National and Provincial Conferences and Workshops

Northern Lights has sent individual teachers and cohorts of staff to conferences and workshops around the world and across the country focusing on a variety of subject areas, with a special emphasis on the division's priorities.

  • Opportunities to work with education experts

Northern Lights has formed partnerships with a variety of education experts and brought them to the division to deliver professional development workshops, elbow to elbow training and other professional development opportunities.

  • Learning Consultants in Instructional Technology, Early Learning, Numeracy, Literacy, Assessment, and Behaviour Supports

To support our staff and students, the division has put Learning Consultants in place who work with teachers to provide targeted support in classrooms to improve instruction.

  • Professional Improvement Assistance

Certified and support staff can apply for funding to cover some of the costs associated with upgrading their skills and qualifications. 

Administrative Procedure 412 - Certified Staff Professional Improvement Assistance
Administrative Procedure 412-3 - Support Staff Professional Improvement Assistance

  • The Learning Network

Northern Lights is part of The Learning Network, which provides professional development and training opportunities for administrators, teachers, support staff and parents. Numerous opportunities are provided throughout the year.

  • Master’s Program

Northern Lights is partnering with Memorial University to offer a Masters of Education in Educational Leadership program cohort specifically for NLPS teachers and leaders. The first cohort starts this spring and will complete the program over a two-year period. Half of the courses are delivered online and the other half are hybrid, with an on-site component delivered within Northern Lights over a weekend (Friday-Sunday).

  • System-Institute Day

In partnership with the ATA Local, Northern Lights hosts System-Institute Day in October. All of the division's staff gather in one location to network, share and learn from each other, as well as world-renowned speakers (last year's keynote was Todd Whitaker!). A large portion of the workships are presented by Northern Lights staff; an excellent opportunity to learn from your peers and colleagues or to share your expertise.

  • Aspiring Leaders

In conjunction with another nearby public school division, NLPS offers a two-year Aspiring Leaders program for leadership development and enhancement in administration, curriculum and instructional areas.

Health and Wellness Focus

As a Division, we place a high priority on staying healthy - in mind, body and spirit. The Division provides funding for staff for healthy activities throughout the year - things like staff sports tournaments or healthy lunch programs. Schools promote healthy living by offering healthy food choices, sharing health information and providing opportunities for staff to take part in activities like yoga, walking and running. Employee benefits also include The Employee and Family Assistance Program, which is a confidential service designed to assist staff members and their dependants that are experiencing job-related and personal problems that affect work performance, family life and personal well-being. 


Employee Computer Purchase Plan

This program allows staff to purchase a computer or tablet at the beginning of the school year and repay the full cost of the computer over the course of the school year.