Staff Directory

Division Office Executive

Rick Cusson - Superintendent
Bill Driedger - Associate Superintendent-System Improvement
Paula Elock - Secretary-Treasurer
Karina Hunter - Executive Assistant to Associate Superintendents
Jimmi Lou Irvine - Associate Superintendent-Teaching and Learning
Ellen Kaulback - Executive Assistant to the Superintendent
Terry Moghrabi - Associate Superintendent-Human Resources


Paula Elock - Secretary-Treasurer
Carolyn Kellett - Director of Business Services
Lou Macaulay - Purchasing Clerk
Coreen Nadeau - Accounts Payable Clerk
Bonnie Sutherland - Financial Officer
Jessica Ziniewicz - Financial Officer

Administrative Assistant

Rita Anderson - Division Office Clerk/Receptionist
Judy Hebert - Division Office Clerk/Receptionist

Partnerships & Public Relations

Heather Stromquist - Director of Community Partnerships and Engagement
Nicole Garner - Communications Officer

Preschool & Out of School Care

Glenda Bouvier - Preschool and Out of School Care Division Coordinator


Nicole Garner - Communications Officer
Dallin Schmidt - Communications Assistant

Division Support Team

Mark Centazzo - Dual Credit Coordinator
Lynn Clark - Mental Health Consultant-Cold Lake/Bonnyville
Carly Johnson - Lead Teacher Instructional Technology-Bonnyville
Alicia Keefe - Speech Language Pathologist-Cold Lake/Bonnyville
Rhonda Nataucappo - Speech Language Pathologist-Lac La Biche
Adrienne Sprecker - Lead Teacher-Early Learning
Rachel Vizcarra - Occupational Therapist

Information Technology & Records

 - Director of ET/IT
Dennis Kurek - Director of Information Technology
 - Director of Record Services
Randy Heron - Computer Technician-Lac La Biche
Jeff Meldrum - Computer Technician-Lac La Biche
Russel Quinney - Computer Technician-Bonnyville
Todd Samson - Computer Technician-Cold Lake
Matthew Stavert - Systems Analyst


Matt Richter - Director of Transportation
Bobbi Aylesworth - Transportation Clerk
Linda Debler - Transportation Clerk
Marlene George - Transportation Assistant

Human Resources

Terry Moghrabi - Associate Superintendent-Human Resources
Blair Norton - Director of Learning-Human Resources
Tammy Costard - Finance/Benefits Clerk
Rebecca Kruk - Payroll Officer
Dina Marko - Human Resources Clerk
Annette McIntosh - Payroll Clerk
Jackie Tkachuk - Human Resources Officer

Facilities & Maintenance

Leah Rout - Director of Facilities
Donna Cadieux - Administrative Assistant
Jeff Lafreniere - Foreman, Bonnyville
Glen Marko - Foreman, Lac La Biche
Donald Bourassa - Maintenance, Lac La Biche
Jarret Bourque - Maintenance, Lac La Biche
Jamie Cadieux - Maintenance, Bonnyville
Val Zahara - Maintenance, Bonnyville
Barry Fox - Maintenance, Lac La Biche
Paul Langridge - Maintenance, Bonnyville
Les Marcellus - Maintenance, Bonnyville
Bob Mcrae - OHS Coordinator
Myranda Milne - Maintenance, Bonnyville
Cam Sheen - Maintenance, Bonnyville
Brad Wilkins - Maintenance Bonnyville

Learning Services

Grace MacLellan - Director of Learning - Inclusive Education and Community Supports
Suzanne Aessie - Lead Teacher - Literacy and Numeracy
Petronella Bouvier - Lead Teacher - Literacy and Numeracy
Tracy Casselman - Lead Teacher - Literacy and Numeracy
Janice Fulawka - Director of Curriculum & Instruction

Board of Trustees

Arlene Hrynyk - Board Chair
Michael Topylki - Board Vice Chairperson
Loren Kaban - Trustee, Ward 1
Garry Kissel - Trustee, Ward 1
Debra Lozinksi - Trustee, Ward 5
Karen Packard - Trustee, Ward 2
Maurice Richard - Trustee, Ward 3
Mandi Skogen - Trustee, Ward 2
Ron Young - Trustee, Ward 2